authentic 1957 Tulsarama items for sale

Tulsa Oklahoma is the second largest city in the State of Oklahoma. Tulsa was incorporated in 1898. Tulsa had a population of 1,390 in 1900, just two years later. As Tulsa grew, the Tulsa Commercial Club was formed, which was the forerunner of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. In 1957, the owner of this web site, Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D., now a Houston attorney/mediator and former judge, worked for Tulsarama (that's me). Tulsarama was established by the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce to help Tulsa celebrate the Semi-Centennial celebration of Oklahoma Statehood. Oklahoma became a State in 1907. (see more on Tulsa lower on this page).

During the 1957 Semi-Centennial of Oklahoma Statehood, I was attending the University of Tulsa. I had lived in Tulsa from about 1943, attending Robert E. Lee Elementary School, Sidney Lanier Elementary School, Woodrow Wilson Jr. High School, Will Rogers High School all wonderful Tulsa, Oklahoma public schools. I then attended the University of Tulsa, where I obtained a B.S. in Business Administration Degree. I also completed all of my class room work on an M.B.A. Degree at the University of Tulsa.

In 1957 while I was attending the University of Tulsa, I was also working at the Tulsarama headquarters, which was an enterprise of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. I was a member of the staff for Tulsarama. At the headquarters, we sold a number of things, including: Tulsarama Souvenir coins (these had been struck by the State of Oklahoma, which coin included on the obverse side the words "VISIT OKLAHOMA", "Golden Jubilee", "TULSARAMA", "TEEPEES TO TOWERS", and pictured a cowboy and an indian. The reverse side had the Oklahoma Flag Indian Shield, along with the words "OKLAHOMA 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION" 1907 1957 and other things). There was a similar coin struck for Oklahoma City, but I don't recall what the phrase was on that coin. I also don't recall if coins were struck for any city in Oklahoma other than Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

While I lived in Tulsa, besides professing not to know that Tulsa was not the largest city in Oklahoma; professing not to even know that there was a place called Oklahoma City, we at the same time told others that the difference between the two was that Tulsa was a small metropolis and Oklahoma City was a big cow town. I have to profess that the same rivalry exists now between Houston, Texas, where I now reside since 1959 and Dallas, Texas (only Houston really is the bigger city--the fourth largest in the nation in population).

Other items which we sold at the Tulsarama Headquarters were: Brothers of the Brush pins (blue on a gold background); Jubilee Belle pins (pink and white with a real small bell attached with a black ribbon); Shaving Permit pins (blue, white and red);Brothers of the Brush wooden nickels (printed in black on a real wooden disk); Jubilee Belle wooden nickels (printed in red); Indian wooden nickels (printed in green).

I have a very limited number of these items remaining, which I have held in safe keeping for FIFTY (50) YEARS. I am willing to sell some of my collection at this time. I have prepared a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY which will be signed by me, to authenticate that each item is an original which I have had in my personal possession since 1957 when these items became my property. These are not replicas, but the real items. Some things like the Brothers of the Brush wooden nickels, I only have five of and hence the price of each which I am willing to sell is much higher than other items which I have a larger quantity of. The prices of these items are shown below with the item shown. I have included in the masthead above the entire collection of items. You may click on it or the Certificate of Authenticity for a full screen blow-up of that graphic.

Here are original authentic 1957 TULSARAMA items for sale.

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Tulsarama Souvenir coin
Jubilee Belle Wooden Nickel $12.95 Indian Wooden Nickel
Brothers of the Brush Pin
Jubilee Belle Pin
Shaving Permit

Shipping and handling will be added to the above price as shown above. If you wish to purchase ALL six items pictured above, while the items last, I will give you a 10% discount on the combined cost of all the items (not including shipping).

There is a limited number of each item above, which is reflected in prices shown, as to the rarity of each item.

PayPal makes it difficult to add shipping and handling in less than the same amount on each item. Therefore, you may make payment of the shipping and handling charges, after you receive the item. See instructions below.

NOTE: I only have three of the Brothers of the Brush Wooden Nickels. Therefore, I am not offering them for sale at this time with the other items. I may consider selling one Brothers of the Brush Wooden Nickel to a Tulsa, Oklahoma museum or other place, for public display. Contact me if you are interested and we can discuss this.

If you wish to discuss the purchase any of the above six items, call me, Terry Proctor, at my law office free phone (Houston, Texas U.S.A. (713) 453-8338) or FREE long distance phone 1-800-472-5721. You may pay by PayPal by clicking on an item (if you have a PayPal Account). Once you receive your items, if you pay by PayPal, you are to send payment to ***T. W. Proctor, J.D., 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, Texas 77015-3766.

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Some information about OKLAHOMA

Oklahoma means "Land of the Red People" in the Choctaw Language.
Oklahoma was admitted to the United States Union on November 16, 1907 as the 46th state.
Oklahoma is divided into 77 counties.
The total area of Oklahoma is 69,957 square miles, ranking Oklahoma as the eighteen largest State in the Union.
The population of Oklahoma per year 2000 estimate was approximately 3,450,654.